Technician, Certified LD, HD & Rotator Operator





Office Assistant & Dispatcher  


Technician, Certified HD Operator, Rollback Driver


Technician & Driver


Driver, Technician LD, Medium & HD Trucks

Riceville, Tennessee

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Friendly City Auto Care began serving the residents of Athens, Tennessee and surrounding counties in 1988.   Prior to the name “Friendly City” Auto Care, we were a Unocal 76 Gas Station and Repair Shop.  We provided Full Service Gas services along with Automotive Maintenance and Repair.   

In 1998, due to environmental regulations and laws, we discontinued the sell of gasoline and became a full service automotive repair shop.   As our Unocal 76 shop grew, we expanded our service offering a towing service to transport broken down vehicles to our shop for repair.  This service took off and we expanded our fleet of towing vehicles.   By 1990, we had 3 towing vehicles capable and equipped to assist in many diverse towing operations.  The new fleet of towing equipment was instrumental in assisting the Tennessee Highway Patrol in a major 99-car pile-up that occurred on I-75. 

In 2000, a complete remodel of the downtown Athens shop was completed to support the client demand and to invest in the business with the latest technology.

On December 11, 2015, the downtown shop went up in flames, destroying the business of 27 years. Thankfully, no one was hurt or around the building at the time of the fire, with that said however, it was a rough holiday season for the family as our shop was gone.   The PASSION that Robert Millsaps had prior to the fire of 27 years servicing Athens and other communities wasn’t destroyed with the blaze, it made him stronger and more passionate about the business.
“I’m gonna roll with the punches,” Robert said.   “I’ve been swung at a lot in my life, trust me.  Ain’t nobody ever knocked me down yet, and I don’t see this happening now.”

Friendly City has a beautiful new service center and location.   In 2016, they re-opened their new center equipped with the latest technology and introduced a new premiere full service, Heavy Duty Repair and Maintenance Division is alive and well.  This is in addition to their other service offerings, Auto Maintenance and Repair, Towing, Recovery and Roadside Assistance and Fleet Services.

The new location is just 3 miles West of I-75 off of Exit 49.   Please stop in and check out our new home.  Our customers were all family at our downtown location and would like to extend a welcome to our new location and our gratitude to all that worked with us and helped our company grow to where we are today.